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 Since 1980, Tim Nall and his team of experienced technicians have been serving North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and beyond by providing first quality products and services to a growing number of industry’s and clients.

There is a lot of press today about brands and branding.  Building brands, brand recognition and creating a hallmark brand recognized by the public as the best, brightest, most trustworthy, etc. Some companies invest millions of dollars in polishing their reputations and telling their own story.

A&M Crane and Rigging has built their company reputation by becoming a cornerstone in their community and by working hard to become a highly trusted resource by an ever increasing number of satisfied clients. Wherever there was work to be done that required their large fleet of equipment, skilled talent to do the work safely, efficiently and within any time or financial budget, A&M Crane and Rigging was the first on the job.

In more than 30 years of service, A&M Crane and Rigging has been there to move heavy equipment, demolish dangerous structures, get wrecked vehicles off the highway and even move submarines from one body of water to another.

Tim Nall believes that when he answers the phone, he finds a friend on the line.

Whichever product or service your business calls for, A&M Crane and Rigging will deliver quality service at a fair price every time.

Call Tim today and see for yourself that after more than 30 years, A&M Crane and Rigging delivers the services you need to keep your operation running at peak performance 


What our customers are saying

"A&M Crane has been a trusted resource for our company. We have a lot of varied jobs—some difficult, some more routine—that need to be done in the course of our various operations, and Tim Nall and his staff seem to always come through no matter the task. From demolition and debris removal to cleaning and carpet removal, A&M Crane does the job right at a very competitive price and with a focus on providing outstanding customer service."

Elizabeth Terrell,
Vice President and Trust Officer
High Point Bank and Trust Company